Pianosonate nr. 8 (Beethoven)

Pianosonate i c-moll, op. 13, Ludwig van Beethovens åttende pianosonate. Den er alminnelig kjent som Pathétique fabric battery, ble publisert i 1799, men var skrevet året før, da komponisten var 27 år. Beeethoven dediserte verket til sin venn Prins Karl von Lichnowsky. Mange tror at dette er et av de få verkene som komponisten selv har navngitt, men i virkeligheten var det utgiveren som fant på navnet, som falt i Beethovens smak.

Pathétique-sonaten er muligens den tidligste av Beethovens komposisjoner som klarte å oppnå stor utbredelse og varende popularitet swimming bags waterproof. Den er godt representert i konsertprogrammer og i innspillinger av profesjonelle pianister. Som et av Beethovens mer kjente stykker har den blitt innlemmet inn i atskillige arbeider i populærkulturen.

Vanligvis fremføres verket i rundt 19 minutter.

Sonaten har tre satser:

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Excitebots: Trick Racing

Excitebots: Trick Racing, known in Japan as Excite Mou Machine (エキサイト猛マシン), is a racing video game published by Nintendo for the Wii video game console. It was developed by Monster Games, is the fourth main game in the Excite series and is the sequel to Excite Truck. Excitebots was unveiled in a release list from Nintendo of America on February 26, 2009. It was released on April 20, 2009 in North America. Excitebots features animal-themed robot vehicles and short minigames during racing, such as pie throwing, bowling and soccer plain football socks. The game could be bought packaged with or without the Wii Wheel.

Despite a positive reception from critics, the game was never released outside North America. Nintendo Australia’s Managing Director, Rose Lappin has said that Excitebots will not be seeing an Australian release “due to lack of interest.” However, Japanese Club Nintendo members were able to exchange points for a copy starting from over two years of the original release date.

Excitebots is controlled with the Wii Remote horizontally, optionally with the Wii Wheel. Most of the games are played on courses large in size with many opportunities to take meandering paths. The 25 different courses offered are modeled after real locations on Earth. Because of the size of each course, most races are two laps long and offer opportunities to gain massive altitude, perform various maneuvers, and obtain various items.

Each race is scored on a grading system from “S” to “D”, with “D” being the lowest score and “S” being the highest score. In order to obtain a higher score, players must perform various tricks, stunts, complete minigames, and finish the race before the other bots. Each of these tricks yield stars, which are used to determine how well the player did during the race. The more stars the player has when crossing the finish line, the better score they will receive. Examples of some of the methods to obtain stars are: gaining extreme altitude from jumping off inclined terrain, smashing into other bots during high speed, altering the terrain ahead and sending leading bots skyward, ramming into bowling pins, getting various offensive items and using them strategically i.e enzyme meat tenderizer. bombs, hammers, and swinging on bars including a mandatory “red bar” in each course.

Excitebots features six-player online multiplayer via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection as well as local pink socks for youth football, split-screen 2-player racing. Online gameplay modes include six-player “Excite” races as well as “Poker” races which can be played anonymously or with friends using Nintendo’s Friend Code system. During online play swimming bags waterproof, players are able to place bets on themselves with in-game tokens which can be exchanged for unlockable items. Unlike its predecessor, Excitebots does not support the ability to play custom music from an SD card.

Excitebots features many game modes that can be played:

Players were also able to play with up to five other people online with the Nintendo WFC. Options exist after each race to save replays and ghosts and send them to other Wii consoles including their own and attach awards to the ghost challenges. With the discontinuation of the Nintendo WFC, playing online is no longer possible.

Excitebots features a variety of robust racing environments, including some redesigned tracks from Excite Truck. For the most part, they are based on real life locations. The only environment that is not based on a real location is “Crystal Nebula”, a fictional planet made entirely out of various crystals and is regarded as the hardest track.

The tracks themselves also have unique features. For example, in Kilimanjaro, there are dinosaur fossils that come to life, Guatemala, the Moai statue heads can breathe fire at times, and in Tasmania, several rock monsters will alter tracks or attack players. Other locations featured include: Fiji, Canada, China, Egypt, Finland, Scotland, and Mexico. The Crystal Nebula is, as the name states, a purple nebula made of crystals.

Excitebots has received favorable reviews from a variety of publications. IGN proclaimed the game as pure fun, and awarded it a score of 8.4 out of 10. Nintendo World Report had similar things to say about the game, calling it a “fantastic game”. Nintendo Power awarded the game a score of 8 out 10. While this score was slightly lower than that previously awarded to Excite Truck (8.5/10), they considered the game an improvement over the latter, the reason for the lower score being that they had to account for Mario Kart Wii and other racing games made since Excite Truck.[citation needed] StageSelect.com awarded Excitebots a 7 out of 10 and said that “twitchy controls don’t harm the fun.”

Stefano Palatchi

Stefano Palatchi (Barcellona, 26 marzo 1960) è un basso spagnolo.

Ha studiato nella sua città natale, oltre che a Firenze e New York, tra gli altri con Gino Bechi ed Ettore Campogaliani. Ha debuttato nel 1986 nel Gran Teatre del Liceu di Barcellona, teatro nel quale è tornato molte volte in almeno una trentina di opere, consolidando un repertorio che va dal repertorio tradizionale italiano (Rigoletto, Aida, Turandot, Il trovatore, ecc.) all’opera francese (Samson et Dalila, Thaïs).

Per il Metropolitan Opera House di New York debutta nel 1994 come Colline ne La bohème con Angela Gheorghiu seguito nel 1995 dal Re in Aida con Kristján Jóhannsson, Dolora Zajick e Carlo Colombara cantando fino al 1996.

A Bilbao nel 1996 canta in Luisa Miller con Neil Shicoff tornando nel 1997 in Maria Stuarda (opera) diretto da Massimo de Bernart con Giusy Devinu e Pietro Ballo ed in Linda di Chamounix con Edita Gruberová e Matteo Peirone, nel 1999 ne La sonnambula diretto da Alberto Zedda con Sumi Jo e nel 2014 Adriana Lecouvreur (opera) con Ainhoa Arteta.

Fu uno degli artisti che nel 1999 partecipò alla riapertura del teatro barcellonese dopo la chiusura dovuta a un incendio che ne distrusse gran parte della struttura, interpretando il personaggio di Timur in Turandot.

I suoi impegni più recenti lo hanno portato in Italia nel dicembre del 2007 quando nell’Auditorio di Modena ha partecipato alla prima mondiale di Joc de mans, di Alberto García Demestres. La traiettoria dell’artista include inoltre altre première mondiali: Cristóbal Colón, di Leonardo Balada, con Montserrat Caballé e José Carreras a Barcellona nel 1989 swimming bags waterproof, e Gaudi di Joan Guinjoan.

Palatchi ha inciso con numerose case discografiche, tra le quali Decca, RTVE Música, Columna Música, Nightingale Classics, Koch Discover, Astrée Auvidis

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, Auvidis Valois e Opus Arte. Vincitore di un premio Grammy Latino grazie all’incisione di La Dolores, di Bretón, è stato anche nominato ai prestigiosi Grammy Awards con il disco El Gato con Botas, di Montsalvatge.

Island Xtreme Stunts

Island Xtreme Stunts is een action-adventurespel ontwikkeld door Silicon Dreams Studio voor Windows, Game Boy Advance en PlayStation 2. Het spel is het vervolg op LEGO Eiland 2: De wraak van Dondersteen swimming bags waterproof.

Pepper Roni is gevraagd om stuntman te worden in een nieuwe film die op LEGO Island zal worden opgenomen. Na een publiciteitsstunt, waar hij met een motor door een poster heen springt, wordt de eerste scène van de film opgenomen. In deze scène wordt The Brickster (Dondersteen in het vorige spel) achtervolgd op de snelweg. Hierna krijgt Pepper toegang tot het gehele eiland, waar hij losse missies kan voltooien terwijl de film op andere delen van het eiland wordt opgenomen. Des te verder de speler komt wordt duidelijker wat de plannen van The Brickster zijn cheap footy shirts. Later ontvoert hij de Infomaniac en bouwt hij Brickster-Bots. Pepper zorgt ervoor dat alles goed komt voordat de film in première gaat. De speler krijgt deze ook te zien na het voltooien van het spel.

Van 2002 tot 2003 waren er officiële themasets van het spel te verkrijgen best college uniforms, zoals een skateboardpark en verschillende voertuigen uit het spel. Deze hadden echter geen financiële impact en zijn daardoor na een jaar niet meer verkrijgbaar. Ze worden nu beschouwd als collector’s items.

Het spel heeft veel last van problemen onder alle Windows-versies, met uitzondering tot de tweede editie van Windows 98. Spelers kregen last van het blue screen of death door programmeerfouten. Onder Windows ME zijn de meeste problemen bekend, mede door de afwezigheid van DOS. Een patch is beschikbaar, maar deze is in sommige gevallen geïnfecteerd met een trojaans paard. Ook lossen ze het probleem niet altijd op.

De onderstaande systeemeisen zijn minimaal en hebben alleen betrekking tot de Windows-versie.